Simple Chipa Biscuit Recipe

Simple Chipa Biscuit Recipe

Chipa is a delicious cheese biscuit prepared with the basic ingredients: flour, cheese, milk, eggs and some type of fat (vegetable or animal). This biscuit is widely consumed in Mato Grosso do Sul due to influences from Paraguay, a neighboring country.

Here at TudoReceitas I share with you how to make simple chipa biscuits in the traditional way. Be sure to prepare this delight for your family, for breakfast or afternoon. This simple chipa cookie recipe is also a great option to sell or even to freeze and consume at home. Try it!

Ingredients for making simple Chipa Biscuits:

 350 grams of sweet powder

 350 grams of half-cured cheese

 70 milliliters of milk

 3 tablespoons of margarine

 3 eggs

 1 pinch of salt

How to make simple chipa biscuits:

Start by choosing a good half-cured cheese. If you can't find this type of cheese to buy, I have a very special tip for you to make yourself at home:

Buy some fresh cheese and leave it on a plate in the fridge, without covering it;

Once a day, remove the cheese from the refrigerator and wash it under running water;

Return the cheese to the fridge, only now with the sides reversed (the side that was down should now be facing up).

Pass the half-cured cheese through a very coarse grater so that when you eat your chipa cracker, you can feel the pieces of cheese.

Now in a very large bowl, add the grated cheese, the flour, eggs, margarine and a pinch of salt. Mix these ingredients from the traditional chipa well.

Finally, slowly drip the milk and knead the chipa dough until it comes off your hands. At this point you can transfer the dough to a workbench to make the work easier.

Separate small portions of dough, roll well and stretch into the shape of a straw, as shown in the image.

Then, just model this straw in a U-shape, which is the traditional shape of the Paraguayan chipa recipe.

Tip: Tip: be careful not to make the chips too thin when shaping.

Arrange the cookies on a baking sheet, without having to grease them. Bake in a preheated oven at 200ÂșC for 30 minutes or until the chips are golden brown.

And this is the result of the simple chip recipe! An easy and practical biscuit to prepare, in addition to being very tasty. Try it out and tell us what you think in the comments.

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